jeudi 16 décembre 2010

Hermé for Hermès

Christmas time at Pierre Hermé is just crazy. I have very little time and it is hard to post new articles for the blog. However, "chose promise chose due", I went last week rue du Faubourg St Honoré to do a little window shopping for you and here is the picture of Hermès ' Christmas show window that I previously wrote about. In November, at my work, we were asked to make a series of small edible ornaments: macaron pyramids, differently shaped marshmallows, royal icing and pastillage decorations. We had very little time and everything had to come in 13 very precise colours. We had been given painted samples of what Hermès wanted and had to create exactly the colours desired; there were three shades of red, five shades of green etc. Let's admit it, it was hell not only getting the different shades but also getting the same shades with different products ; some of them having to be baked, others whipped and other left to dry. In fact, because of the colour problem, we had to make some of the ornaments over many times. At the end, I felt both happy and proud; the result in the window was very much in the Christmas spirit. I simply was a bit disappointed that so few of the many, many ornaments we had made had been used by the decorator for the display.

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